Surviving In Uganda.

Getting through the double edged standards of living in Uganda is a bit sensitive. There are certain commitments that you have to make in order to suffer from success. Although surviving might be theorised in different aspects for the privileged, middle class and the poverty stricken, the society at large works hard to pull through the daily ups and downs in bid for a comforting life.
If you are to get through in Uganda, the endless appetite of Rolex and Kikomando should be a great deal, You should even exceed requirements to make friends with the chapatti guy for credits in times of insufficiency.
For matters of earning yourself relevant Connections learn some Runyankore and Runyakitara, Attach it with a dress code of a polo shirt and kachi pants. Stabilise your engagement with community saving groups, even when you hardly save, try to show your attendance, visibly, you will get a loan easily and support with unpredicted complications.
Never marry at an early age, for a man, ought to be a miser, and for a woman adorn yourself. Try not to tamper with government issues, unless it’s financially beneficial. and if you join politics, establish yourself, even when you work hard people are ungrateful.
Keep it in mind that Kampala is not a mere collection of buildings, all negative eyes on you. Create a business, have discipline, get influencers and make give outs and discounts
After you acquire those necessities, Uganda will become your land of milk and honey.


  1. Ur ryt bro. Ug ain’t easy. One has to hustle. It’s nolonger survival for the fittest, it’s nw survival for the wise. One always has to be 10 steps ahead of everything. Bt anyway Life moves on. Thanks bro

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    1. It’s hard to accept the fact that we should attach ourselves to usual things for survival. But regardless we move. Hope for change


  2. Make friends with every food joint you know man πŸ‘ŠπŸΎπŸ‘ŠπŸΎ Niceness bona abayina okumaya my balza ( credits) niceness sure πŸ‘ŠπŸΎπŸ‘ŠπŸΎ


  3. Change is on its way, we just have to be quite a little patient. Besides the current happenings in the country that we all know the clear cause and solution,Uganda remains our only home and we have to enjoy it by all means.


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