Inequality hardens society into a class system, eventually it divides us from one another. With the outbreak of Covid19, a ddiro only person suffers the worst, with the four sided house, it might have a sealing or not, so you must be ready to either buy a fan or use different household items like plates, flying pans or a book to cool the temperature. The first time I owned a single roomed rental, it doomed to my minds that really people have seen the worst. It had this usual pale blue or white painted walls, insects and rats roaming after you switch off the lights, literally the entrance happens to be the exit, which indicates no room for survival, and in case of any emergency ofaaaa..😢.

I always heard of this say that rentals have a great deal of nasty things until when I had a daily interlude of my fellow rentals quarrelling, The husband wants to listen to Sebata and Kafeero songs yet the wife is a darling to David Lutalo’s melodies, “ I am the man in the house, if you hate Kafeero’s songs go rent somewhere else and listen to your fake lutalos……”, says the husband.
As you read this now, someone is in a ddiro only facing these surprises, he/she has no place for relaxation, it’s all a hustle, the outside environment is well demarcated, you can not exceed your boundaries unless you are ready for an endless crossfire with other rentals choosing sides to woe the quarrels. Almost every thing is capable of starting off a cold or physical war.

Since they are single roomed, someone right now can hardly breathe because of the aroma from the neighbour’s saucepan and at worst it might be the darling sauce of rentals mukene which is sweat but reeks like Rubigi sewage.
Someone is now laying on there bed, looking in the East, West, south, north and nothing is new except what he/she creates for themselves.

Real estate database

A rental might either be your worst or best experience, because some people enjoy it, they will always make sure they have a woofer, stove, one chair, a carpet and the blue, red or bright light to make the place earth paradise (Okwegumya). This inequality that presides between our lives makes us unbalanced at every level of development which comes our way.
Someone must see to it that they survive the hardships of renting and have themselves construct the house of their dreams. Rentals would be advisable for matters of future steady progress because of their unrecognized advantages; you won’t have rampant visits even when you want them hence reduced expenditure, the system of housing relatives which is good but costly is unheard of hence making you out of the option list for everyone’s demands, you limit your expenditure to your wife and children.
Hey my dear reader, am still renting, my ddiro only is at an average price of 130000/= to 200000/= Ugandan shilling per month. But soon or later, transformation seems to follow me.


  1. Piece is gud bro, keep up
    This is wat omuntu wawansi is facing n this our govt does literally nothing
    All in all nothing is permanent


  2. Certainly talking about the peasantry life ov our country is the basis of writing content with evidence that the author is under the most suitable theory of journalism which is social responsibility theory ov journalism.this is where articles a written in favour of the public,so bravo mr muzafaru

    Liked by 1 person

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