“Send me your location, am sending the bodaboda guy to deliver your package“, says Peter a shoe seller at Nana in Kampala.
The breakout of Covid19 boosted the digitalization of markets, the Sops by the government emphasized less movements, most of all the work was to be done online and the customers expected to receive purchased products delivered at their homes. Although digital marketing already developed in foreign countries, my country Uganda has still had a low usage with the Ugandan say that they believe after seeing and touching, it would be hard for a Uganda to trust his fellow with money to deliver a product. But with the social dynamics, this had to gradually become history.
As I scroll down my Instagram page @K.l.muzafar, my eyes land on Peter’s digitalized shoe shop, with all these nice looking shoes and sandals, it was too tantalizing, you would not leave without purchasing something unless your broke. I desired to walk away with one pair of shoes which had no prices indicated, but a contact for inquiries, I decided to call for inquiry and Peter whose name I knew later picked up, “Yes boss, if you want that shoe, it’s for 85000/=, but since you seem to be a bro, I will serve you at 80000/=, for sure that’s the right price boss, mukama wange, Don, big boss”, narrates Peter.
I was too amused with how Peter was giving me titles in just 5 minutes of an online chat, but had it in mind that those were there usual tricks. The shoe was worth 70000 and having known that they also make free deliveries, it went back to my mind that the extra 10000/= was for transportation. I then sent him the location and my heart started having this periodic pain of expectancy as I gazed at my watch counting down the 30 minutes Peter had given me.
The next thing I see is a phone call from an unknown person, I picked it up with all my inner happiness, “I am David the transporter, where are you”, he says. I then rushed to find him at the designated delivery point, he gave me a black polyethylene bag, well sealed with brown seal tape, I gently moved back to my 4 sided room and said Bismillah then tore the seal tape, 😕 Yiiii, I yelled, my heart pumped at a high speed, I really felt betrayed, the product was the opposite of what I saw online, the shoe had a wide toe cap and an exaggerated sole with many labels. I then wondered how Nike, Balenciaga, Van’s and Puma would merge to make a shoe for 80000/=.

Sitted on the ground, my head leaning against my palm, the other hand holding a receipt indicating once goods are sold, they are not returned, I was out of options. Peter’s phone became allergic to my phone calls immediately after delivery as it told me he was a busy man, my amplified interest for online shopping dropped, I imagined purchasing goat rice on jumia food, food hub etc. and all they deliver is a recipe equivalent to kikumi kikumi restaurant, 2500 mmere yonna menu.
Online shopping would be the way forward in digital marketing but it comes with mixed feelings. At times, you get the opposite of what you saw in the pictures. Vendors should value their customers, I don’t deserve to be fooled with a four to five branded shoe of 80000/= out of my hustle, because if I am to land on Peter the busy man now, simanyi nakumanya. You should then be cautious when purchasing online, their should be an option of returning the product once its delivered with damages, opened, faulty, and duplicated. Buli omu agumye munne.


  1. Naye sebo oygala tutila Kataale 😂?? Oyo Peter fala number one, you always need a plug for these such things someone you trust like me 😂😂 naye ebyadala Peter yafuna engato enfu aka banzege 😂😂 but I liked the story bro 😎 kinkuteko 😂

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  2. This was so sad… Go back for ur money😂 Hunt those guys down…😂 anyway am joking about looking for them… But u shudnt trust anyone..The names that they kept giving you was enough to show u that they were desperate… otherwise nice piece

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