Is temper naturally born in every human being?. Every person has there own way of cooling down, it could be laughing, punching the wall, destroying what’s next to them, walking away and many more controllers. Perhaps it could be hard for them to resist the temper. This is where I used to fall.
“You easily get short tempered, how will you problem solve matters with your wife, you need to do away with it as soon as possible ”, my mum always made this statement.
I would just be angry at someone or something, and like rain, it drizzles first then heavily pours down, my temper used to increase gradually like sweltering heat and before I realize it, I already cause danger to the source. I recall the first phone I held, a gadget from my hustle, I treasured it a lot. it would hardly get off my hands, Eventually I threw it in the toilet, it was a Friday evening when I got it out my pocket, held it in my hands and bought a data package, hardly had I bought the data when the network connectivity barely processed. I tried refreshing browsers and restarting my phone but there was no progress, my heart pumped at a high speed, spider veins enlarge, electronic pulses were all over my body, I stood up with no hesitation and destroying it was the only option I had.
I personally realized this anger would cause me more harm because you would hardly shout at me and I don’t retort, although I was decent , I had this weird arrogant attitude. I always felt the urge to disinfect my self from every sort of familiarity and jokes, which made me antisocial.
You would wonder how my temper never dropped me into fights, but anyway I knew my limits, fighting was the last thing I thought of although I only landed into one fight and I was terribly beaten up.

Eventually, I realized this had to come to an end, at one time a friend told me how disgusting I looked when quarrelling, Joe told me temper was not my thing and urged me to choose silence or let it go. Although it seems to be simple advice, I digested it into my head and learnt a lot from it, this became a rhythm in my amygdala.
Although i rarely get short tempered as of now, I struggle as hard to walk away, stay silent, or tell a friend about it rather than flexing my muscles.
You would be a short tempered person, how do you cool yourself down?


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