“Did any one tell you this is your mum’s office, if you need the stamp, come back tomorrow at 9:30 or never”.
I felt as though this deputy RDC was an angry rejected Western man in Russia, Western men are supermodels in Russia and can easily walk away with any lady of there choice without being asked dinner, promises and money.
As for the ripe elections of 2020 in Uganda, it was mandatory for voters to have a national identity card which I didn’t have. As I checked from my mobile phone (Samsung Galaxy s6 by then) using the 216 code, it indicated that I had to feed in more information with NIRA.
It was not habitual for me to wake up at 7:00 as I used to at 8:30, but this time I had made an appointment with Sowedi the GISO of Mityana on a cold phone call to guide me on what to do. I hardly threw the blanket off my body, cleaned myself and then wore a white cotton shirt with a pair of black Jean’s and black moccasins.
As I left for the appointment, someone inside could be a relative shouted, “Who are you wearing those clothes for?”, I replied quietly as why the hell don’t you just say am smart.
Sowedi’s office was an internet café with scattered computers, misplaced wires, and dust all over the place except he’d left a small wooden table and plastic chair in the corner for himself. He was a joyful and social man although he Commercialized every service.
He gave me a paper to sign on as he wrote down the names of the deputy RDC (Resident District Commissioner) on a paper. “Go to him at the district headquarters, he needs to sign here and also put a stamp. After you take the envelope to NIRA offices”. As I moved out, He shouted, “ Young man put 10k on that table or leave the envelope here”. I gradually dropped a crumpled 10000 shillings note on his table as I asked myself where this man had applied effort, but I recalled beggars are not choosers.
I reached Damian’s office at 9:00, his secretary gave me a seat, she was indulgent, slim, light skinned and tall. She walked to the door and knocked. “You have someone here, he is a young boy”, I felt uncomfortable for calling me a young boy as though she never saw my mustache as I moved inside.
Damian had an even skin tone, it was as though he had gotten the opposite out of bleaching or less a skin disease. “What can I help you with ”, as he looked down on his phone. I said quietly. I have been sent by the GISO Mr. Sowedi to bring this document which requires your stamp and signature, I am applying for the national identity card.
He looked uncomfortable, he picked up his phone and called someone as he told me he had no time, Yiiii this man had no time to sign and stamp on the document and the best he could say is, “Come back tomorrow ” I explained to him how I had travelled 20kms and yet it was costly, he just looked at me. I thought he wanted a ransom but then how do I start giving it to him, he is paid by me through the tax we collect. As I continued contemplating he shouted “Get your envelope and disappeared I hate seeing you here” As though he had seen me before.

I will have your time tomorrow 😡

I ran back to the secretary to know when the RDC will be around, “He will be around within 30 minutes ” As I sat tight, my brains couldn’t go off Damian, Was he hungry? Did he want money? Was his salary late? Or it were his wife quarreling at him since his face changed as he picked his phone, I tried to eavesdrop it but the best I could hear was a woman’s voice.
Later on, a fat man with big belly and squared jaws came in as the secretary prepared her self to greet him, he was the RDC, I prayed my presence would catch his attention and boom he drew near me. “How can I be of help, you seem to have wait for long, and let me have a look at those documents” After reading through, he walked to his office as I followed and served me as he said “Have a nice day”. As I approached the door, he called me silently, “Next time you come and am not around, next is my deputy’s officer he can be of help as well ”. I hurriedly retorted he is a rough and arrogant, he chased me out of his office as he told me he had no time for signing and stamping. The RDC(Resident District Commissioner) was troubled with my response. Of course what would he do, I seemed not to be the first victim.
Sowedi called me as I got on my bike, “By the way be careful, Damian is arrogant and extravagant, a Marie Antoinette enthusiast”. I saw his call as useless since I had already seen the worst.


  1. Bro this ain’t a bad beginning…am also motivated by this …bro I no this is e same path am soon taking also …I love this think deep tease…wish u e best insha Allah

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